An Apple employee is being sued over a TikTok video
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An Apple employee is being sued over a TikTok video

Apple is threatening to fire an employee who posted a TikTok video about basic iPhone security techniques. Paris Campbell, an Apple hardware engineer, became famous on TikTok with a video of her giving advice on how to avoid a stolen iPhone.

Paris Campbell, who initially did not disclose that she worked for Apple, said she received a notice to take down the TikTok video from the company’s store manager, where she worked as a phone repair engineer. She was warned in a milkshake that posting content related to Apple by company employees violates company policy.

Apple’s social media policy warns employees not to post confidential information about customers and colleagues, but does not prohibit posting about technology at all. In a letter released by the company, it said, “I want to be my own person, but I want to be respected in my posts, tweets, and other online communications.”

An Apple employee is facing legal action over a TikTok video telling them not to unlock stolen iPhones

Campbell, a New York-based mother of one, has worked at Apple for nearly six years, most recently as a repair technician at Apple Retail. Last week, she shared a video suggesting a TikTok user lost her phone at Coachella. A woman who lost her iPhone at Coachella said on TikTok that she received messages threatening to sell her personal information on the black market if she didn’t remove her Apple ID from her iPhone.

“I can’t tell you exactly how I know this information. But I’ve been working as a certified hardware engineer for a company like this for the past 6 years. Your phone is actually completely useless to them. Only you can save this information. So don’t delete your Apple ID,” she advised in a TikTok video. 

The video became popular among social media users and reached 5 million views within 24 hours. Later, her manager called Campbell to take down the video. Failure to do so could lead to non-compliance and termination of employment. After the incident, Campbell did not take down the original video, but posted another on TikTok with the caption “dear Apple” and said she was an Apple employee and was waiting to find out if she was going to be fired.

Campbell has been a stand-up comedian since 2011 and is a well-known person on social media. It is said that she has about 439,000 followers who are watching her activities on TikTok. Even though she’s famous, she can’t say she hasn’t been fired. Last year, Apple fired two well-known activists for allegedly sharing confidential information.

Campbell has said that her videos do not contain any information that should not be disclosed to the public.

The price increase will also be included in the changes of the new iPhone

Min Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, said that the new iPhone 14 will be more expensive than the iPhone 13 series. According to Ming Chi Kuo’s estimate, the average selling price ASP of the entire iPhone 14 series will increase by 15% compared to the iPhone 13 lineup. The lowest iPhone 13 model in the current iPhone 13 series started at $799 (around 2100,000 MYR), while the Pro and Pro Max models were sold at prices of $999 (currently over 2700,000 MYR) and $1099 (around 3000,000 MYR).