Amazingly useful Facebook Search
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Amazingly useful Facebook Search

At first, I did not write about Facebook Graph Search. But let’s talk more about Facebook search . As we all know, Facebook is the most used social network in the world. So, if you know how to use Facebook search professionally, it can be very beneficial. Everyone can use Facebook, But many people don’t even know what to search for on Facebook search. Few will find little. Skilled people are quite rare.

When I think about writing an article, I first think about whether it will be helpful for the people of Myanmar. In addition to knowing the content that I think will be helpful, I write to make it as complete as possible. The goal is to make each song full of flavor.

First, if you want to use the full features of Facebook search, you can change the language. Since Facebook was founded by an American citizen , Mark Elliott Zuckerberg, you can fully use Facebook search if you set the language to English (US). Even if it’s English (UK), it’s not available. This is important to be able to use the full range of search features, including Facebook graph search.

After selecting the language, the interesting part begins.Everything you can find with Facebook search is now available. After typing what you want to search for here, you have to click on the text that appears with a magnifying glass as shown in the image below.

I’ll look for what I’ve already seen

For example, if you saw Aung Aung check-in at Sule Shangrila Hotel before. What day is it? when In addition to etc., you can search for the posted post. The picture below shows an example.

  • 1 is the search term (name at sedona ball room)
  • 2 is search filters. just people You can search for just photos.
  • As for 3, you will find that you have checked-in at the Grand Ball Room of the Sedona Hotel.
  • 4th is the check-in date.
  • 5 is the number of likes and comments. If you click, you can still read the comments written by those who liked it.

I will go around the world with other people’s eyes

To travel the world through other people’s eyes is to find a place you have never been. If your friends have been there, you should see what they posted. Or if the page you like is posted, you must see it. The difference with searching on Google is that friends have posted. If you shoot with a normal phone, it will look more natural. But Google is a very useful search engine.

Below is Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. The city is famous for its innovative and ancient heritage.

Find old friends and new ones

This is clear. When you type in people’s names from your account, their photos and posts will appear. For new friends, for example, when you type Myo, people starting with Myo will appear, and you can add the person you want to add as a friend.

Want to find

That’s clear. You can type and search as you like. For example, to say a little

  • songs my friends listen to
  • Women in Yangon who like Myanmar Web Designer
  • posts by people who like Myanmar Web Designer
  • My friends who are married (My married friends)
  • Places visited by my friends
  • Friends of Aung Aung

You can search as you like. Then you will learn how to use Facebook search professionally. Facebook Search, an often underutilized tool, holds incredible potential for uncovering valuable information and connections within the vast social network.

By employing precise keywords and filters, users can locate specific posts, photos, events, or people. This feature aids in reconnecting with long-lost friends, identifying relevant community groups, and even researching market trends. Moreover, the ability to search within groups and pages offers insights into niche interests and discussions. By harnessing the power of Facebook Search, users can tap into a wealth of information and connections that might otherwise remain hidden amidst the digital noise.