How to Download YouTube Videos from iPhone
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How to Download YouTube Videos from iPhone

Want to download YouTube videos to your iPhone for playback on the go? You are not alone in this. Watching YouTube videos online requires a very fast internet connection or Wi-Fi network. However, Internet connection and WiFi network are not everywhere. So it’s a good idea to download YouTube videos to iPhone for offline playback. The good news is that the new iPhone will start shipping on September 10. The new iPhone may be named as iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. When you get them smart devices, you may be more willing to watch YouTube videos on them.

As you know, YouTube website does not provide online download service. When you want to download YouTube videos from iPhone, Wondershare  AllMyTube  (AllMyTube for Mac) is a great help. With just a few clicks, you can download and convert YouTube from any iPhone model including iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and newer iPhone 5S/5C.

Click on one to save a YouTube video

Play the YouTube video on your browser and click the Download button on the top right. You can also copy the video URL and click the Paste Url button on the program. Both of these methods can complete the download task.

Convert iPhone format to YouTube

Click on the button on the right of the video display in the download type and select the iPhone output format. After the videos are converted, you can find where they are stored and then manually transfer them to iPhone.

Note: In the primary window, click the button on the top right corner and select your iPhone model in the pop-up format list, and then click the “Download on” switch. Then you can download and convert YouTube videos.

3 Best iPhone Data Recovery Software in 2015

It is not impossible to recover lost or deleted data from your iPhone, remotely. You just need a good program in order to get started, finding one is not difficult. Many people believe that once they delete a file from their iPhone, it’s over for good. But it is not the case. The data is still on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch’s hard drive until it is overwritten with new information. Therefore, as long as a recovery program is running, it is quite effective as it is opened as soon as possible after the deletion. Choose the best iPhone data recovery software mainly because the sheer number of iPhone data recovery programs is very high. It can be difficult. From simple, free software to sophisticated, paid plans, choosing the right iPhone recovery software can be difficult. But here are 3 titles of the best iPhone data recovery tools that you can choose from:

top 3: Oxygen Forensics for iPhone

Oxygen Legal for iPhone is one of the best iPhone data recovery software programs currently available. Not only is a trial version of the program also available, so you can recover data from your iPhone, but the program can also communicate with your friend’s iDevice through web connections. Provides extensive ‘forensic’ information.

– Give you complete insight into your phone
– Recover data easily
– Display information in a very simple manner.

1. Playing with detailed analysis
2. Also, can corrupt data be repaired?

1. The interface is not as simple as
2. A lot of answers of meaningless information
3. Not for personal use
4. ($1.299) is also expensive

iRecovery stick is basically a USB flash drive that comes with an included software program. It is a very capable iPhone recovery software because it can easily scan your iPhone/iPad’s contents and download them to the computer. You can also recover deleted data from your iPhone in a matter of minutes. The program interface is quite easy to use features, so technical skills are not required in order to work properly. Also, is the ability to extract backup files from your computer. Here are the best features:

– You can use the Lyaku interface.
– A solution for all your friends’ iDevices.
– Previews deleted previously recovered files, allowing users to select what they want to recover.

In conclusion, downloading YouTube videos on your iPhone opens up a world of convenience and offline accessibility. By following the outlined methods, you can effortlessly save your favorite content for viewing whenever and wherever you desire. Remember to exercise caution and respect copyright regulations while downloading videos. With these techniques at your disposal, you can enjoy an enriched multimedia experience, tailoring your YouTube consumption to seamlessly align with your preferences and lifestyle.