10 Ways to Play Android Games on Windows PC
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10 Ways to Play Android Games on Windows PC

Android games on Windows PC refers to the ability to play and run games designed for the Android operating system on a Windows-based computer. This is accomplished through a variety of means, the most common of which is the use of software known as Android emulators.

An Android emulator is a program that runs on a different platform, such as a Windows PC, to simulate the Android operating system. It creates a virtual environment in which you can install and run Android apps, including games, just like you would on a real Android device.

For the party of continuous rapid mobile penetration, the speed focus on mobile applications by developers is being led by a number of applications. Most things are amazing and one only imagines the experience when one is emulating from a PC. Today, it is possible with a number of ways to run android applications on PC, the system was first used by developers to test their applications and now everyone can enjoy the extended experience of applications by taking full advantage of PC features. There are number of applications that solve your burning question on how to use mobile apps on PC. Here we look at some of the top rated ones;

1. MirrorGo

Include the advantages of MirrorGo; •
Support for Windows Vista 2003, XP, 7 , 8 , 8.1
. drop OpenGL Hardware support • No screen rotation function • No cloud support support •

2. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is popular for its many features that include
• Google Store connection and application downloads are allowed.
• Cloud
saves for all applications •
Support for developers You can download and install for free
• • While playing games that allow multitasking, the user can chat on WhatsApp
•Does it support push notifications

?•Does it support the requested text?Does it require a powerful graphics card

3. Andy Android emulator

Installing an Android emulator to use your mobile applications on your PC has a number of advantages;
• Windows 7,8
support You can access the Google Store on the user interface

• Cloud saver support • Camera integration support • Multi-touch
support However, disadvantages include;
Because it requires VirtualBox to install first.It
only runs on Android

4.2.Can’t send texts and make phone calls.Requires a high-performance graphics card.

4. YouWave

YouWave has a number of advantages to use your mobile applications on your PC Installing;
• Because it’s fast, it supports Android 4.0.4•, • There is a Google Play Store that allows you to download and install applications at any time. It supports push notifications. • No camera integration No microphone integration • Due to sale • Can’t send text messages • Does not support multi-touch screen

5. Droid4X

Installing Droid4X to use your mobile apps on your PC has many advantages;
• High performance with graphics rendering,
• Compatible with ARM applications running in x86 frameworks, supports
• It supports drag and drop feature for installation,
• It is for free.
Side effects with this emulator include;
• No call text or make function
, no camera integration•,
• No push notification,
• Does not support syncing the app from mobile
• Does not run the application on desktop?

6. VirtualBox

There are advantages that Mac includes Installing VirtualBox to use your mobile applications on you, with
Mac OS X. Requires powerful x86 hardware • Does it have push notifications?

7. MobileGo

Advantages of Installing MobileGo to use your mobile apps on your Mac include;
• Free technical support service • Free lifetime updates • Allowed for the management of basic device needs such as contacts, switching devices • Support backup and restore data • Send text from PC • Take screenshots Disadvantages for sales • This is • Does the developer support drag support and drop the installation feature?

8. BlueStacks

; Using BlueStacks for your mobile applications on Mac has
many advantages: • Google Store connections and application search and downloads are allowed • Support for developers who
save the cloud for all applications • User-friendly interface • Users can chat on WhatsApp for multitasking while playing Game Weaknesses • Does not support push notifications • Is it required to support text and require a powerful graphics card ?

9. Droid4X

; Droid4X for Mac has the
following advantages easily • Sync music and photos
Android music app
support • Running in x86 frameworks as ARM application support • Compatible with
and support •,, • It supports drag and drop feature for installations

It also has the following disadvantages for free or charge;
No call text or make function

• No camera integration • No push notifications • Does not
support syncing the app from mobile
• Does not run the application on the desktop?

10. Andy Android emulator

Android emulator for Mac has a number of advantages including;
With Android Apps for push notifications • Connection Mac
and storage system • Do not put your favorite communication application on the desktop

• Cloud saver support • Camera integration support • Multi-touch
support Andy Android emulator has the following disadvantages;
• Download size of 556MB • Requires
VirtualBox to install first • Runs
on Android 4.2

• Can’t send texts and make phone calls • Requires high performance graphics card • Can’t take screenshots